Pallet Bands

Pallet sanstrap® Bands

sanstrap® is a pallet banding solution to secure the top layer of a pallet, providing a quick and easy way to stabilize a pallet for inter-plant movement. Because of its ease of use, there is a tremendous savings of labor and time when compared to alternative products such as; stretchfilm, tape, rubber bands, and twine.



Perforated on a roll and sealed on both ends forming a fixed length, sanstrap holds everything in place and offers a quick gripping solution for pallet loads, stacking, wrapping, and layering the tops of pallets. There is no cling to sanstrap so you can easily move the band up or down securing the pallet at all times.

The application of securing the top of a pallet using sanstrap is completed in nine (9) seconds or less, making it a simple but innovative solution for storage and internal transport.

Sanstrap doesn’t damage products and will significantly reduce your stretchwrap waste.

The uses of sanstrap are:

  • Top of pallet banding
  • Securing corner boards on the pallet before a high-speed wrapper applies stretch film
  • Securing empty drums on a pallet for storage
  • Quick and easy securing of pallets at large incoming hub-and-spoke distribution centers
  • Securing top sheeting to pallets

Our sanstrap bands are available in multiple colors and widths for enhanced internal warehouse organization and efficiency.


  • Available in easy-to-dispense packages
  • Various color offerings


  • Secure
  • Less Waste
  • No Damage to Your Packaged Goods
  • Easy to Use


Standard Sizes

Available Colors
4"36"1404Lite or RegularClear
4"50"1004RegularClear, Red, Green
4"78"604Lite or RegularClear

Custom sizes may be available upon request.