About Us

Proud of our strong Cleveland roots, Stretchtape is a custom converter and printer of stretch films and other specialty packaging films, recognized as a leading supplier of converted PE and PP films and custom printing solutions of BOPP packaging films. We continue to innovate and evolve to meet the demands of our dynamic marketplace by partnering with distributors to bring creative solutions to the market. Stretchtape understands the demands of our customers to provide superior products, economic solutions, product protection/identification, and environmental responsibility. We challenge ourselves daily to meet those needs.


The Stretchtape Brand

stretchtape-shieldThe Stretchtape brand represents who we are today: a leading provider of superior protective stretch film for the packaging industry. The Stretchtape shield has been forged as a hexagon – the shape used to represent the base molecular structure of polymer chain branches. After all, polymer is the foundation of all Stretchtape products. The three bands of film that extend across the face of our shield to form our signature “S” pay homage to the three generations of the McDonald family who built what Stretchtape is today.


Our Story:
Spirit of Innovation

In 1983, Alex “Sandy” McDonald and two partners experimented with a new non-adhesive film that would only stick to itself. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, they introduced a concept to the packaging industry to bundle products more efficiently and economically than any other packaging alternative. Market acceptance grew especially when the automotive industry implemented this product as an invaluable packaging component to its production processes. The company was named “Stretchtape” and was on the road to innovating other industries. See if you can locate Stretch, our original mascot, on this page. 


This spirit of innovation drives our operations to this day. We are constantly working to provide the best quality product and most comprehensive solutions to the challenges of the packaging industry.

Today, Stretchtape continues its strong tradition in Cleveland as part of Adherex Packaging – a provider of adhesion solutions and expertise that accelerate the growth of distributors around the country.


A few milestones along the way:

  • 1983: Stretchtape makes it start in a 6,000-square-foot leased building
  • 1989: Moved into a 45,000-square-foot leased building
  • 2001: Acquired a competitor in the converting industry
  • 2003: The sanstrap® pallet band product was launched
  • 2009: Acquired a bag converting and printing manufacturer
  • 2016: Purchased and relocated to a renovated 120,000-square-foot building in Downtown Cleveland on six acres of land
  • 2023: Becomes part of Adherex Packaging, bringing customers timely access to an even broader array of adhesion solutions and expertise


Commitment to Our Customers

Our customers are the reason we are here. We are happy to hear from you. When you contact us, you will always speak directly to a friendly, knowledgeable Stretchtape team member whose purpose is to help provide a solution to your packaging needs. Stretchtape is an invaluable resource to packaging distributors — offering extensive product knowledge, industry understanding, and commitment to your needs and growth.


Mission Statement

Stretchtape manufactures and converts films used in the industrial, commercial, and retail packaging markets. Our promise is to produce the highest quality product, roll after roll, as economically as possible in an environmentally responsible manner while meeting customer requirements.



In the same way that our founder created the business in the spirit of entrepreneurship, we aim to stay true to our roots and consistently strive to create and provide new solutions to the problems our customers face. We aim to understand the industry from a global perspective to implement creative solutions for issues experienced throughout the packaging world.

We are constantly seeking to earn the respect of our customers. To do that, we put a high value on customer service and providing superior products. In addition, we also seek the respect of our employees. We foster an environment of creativity and innovation to best serve our customers.

Environmental Responsibility
We ensure everything we produce is recyclable or has been previously recycled.