Custom Printed Stretch Film

There is no limit to the options users can have with our custom printed stretch film offerings. Customizing print for stretch film enhances the appearance and organizational abilities for pallet loading. Printing can also be used for advertising or to provide product information, special instructions, or contact information, all while still providing the same ease of use and package-securing benefits of stretch film.



Custom printed stretch film has also been known to act as a deterrent to package tampering since it makes any attempted entry into pallets more easily recognizable. Stretchtape has low minimum requirements for custom print orders, enabling both small and large warehouses to experience the benefits of custom printing and help them stand out among their competitors.

See how we can custom print your design on an endless number of film gauges, widths, lengths, colors, and specialty film types.


An efficient packaging solution

Custom printed stretch film, like all of our stretch films, binds only to itself without leaving any residue or packaging damage. It allows warehouse users to wrap, stack, and secure pallets with ease. Stretch film bundles units for distribution and helps protect them from damage.

Stretch film’s elastic memory means it can stretch significantly from its original length. The film tries to return to its original shape and form after wrapping, which results in a tight, secure wrap. This process ensures bundles will not loosen or come undone during transport.

Unlike shrink wrap, which is applied loosely and requires an additional heat source to shrink the material, banding film is a more efficient, cost-effective method for securing items of all sizes.


  • Printing available on any size, color, width, gauge, or specialty film type
  • Easily distinguishable pallets


  • Deterrent to product tampering
  • Provides special instructions or contact information
  • Product/company advertising opportunity