Polyethylene Roll Stock

Single-wound polyethylene roll stock, offers a wide range of industrial applications. It can be used for surface protection, flame or vapor retardants, flooring or counter protection, and even to cover construction materials.


Customized printing for single-wound polyethylene roll stock can include a specific color, logo, design, or barcode, opening opportunities for advertising and another way to stand out from the competition. Poly sheeting can also be custom printed to have specific instructions or contact information on them, if appropriate.


Single-wound polyethylene roll stock is also known as single-wound plastic sheeting, plastic film, and poly sheeting.

Stretchtape’s polyethylene roll stock can be customized to the exact thickness gauge and variation to suit the industry in which it will be used. Additives such as ultraviolet inhibitors (UVIs) or anti-static properties can provide added protection for single-wound sheeting that will be outdoors or that need to be stripped of their electromagnetic charge.

Single-wound polyethylene roll stock is strong enough to handle heavy duty roofing or concrete projects but can also be used for indoor applications, such as carpet protection, without needing to worry about spills and other damage that might occur if using tarps or drop cloths. It’s a protective layer against potential moisture as well, making it an ideal element for weather protection.

Custom orders

Stretchtape is here to make your ideal printing solution a reality. Give us a call to see how we can provide your custom-printed polyethylene roll stock.


  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Clear finish
  • Anti-static properties can be added


  • Will not be moved or displaced unintentionally
  • Provides excellent moisture coverage