Poly Tubing

Polyethylene tubing, also known as layflat tubing, is an effective packaging solution for distributors with high packaging volumes. Stretchtape’s poly tubing involves a roll of polyethylene sleeving and leaves an opening at one end and rolled up at the other. It allows packagers to determine the size needed by simply cutting or sealing off the amount of tubing necessary for the specific package.

Our poly tubing is available in a number of widths, colors, and gauges. The tubing can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped closed, making almost any size poly tube a possibility. They can also be custom printed with a company logo or image, brand name, text, recycling codes, or barcodes.

Since entire poly tubing rolls are made from a single piece of film, there are no seams or weak spots which can come apart. Poly tubes also make it an option to bag various sized objects or packages without needing to switch out the tubing roll. On the other hand, packagers who want the same size tubing bag for each product can get perforated edges to easily tear off in the predetermined size.

Poly tubing rolls can also be customized to include ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) properties for protection for extended light exposure. Polyethylene is safe to use with numerous gases and chemicals.

Our poly tubing is used in many industries, including apparel, medical and pharmaceutical, and retail markets.