stretch film overlaying corporate identity layout to represent stretch film suppliers branding

Moving companies generate revenue as stretch film suppliers

August 11, 2022

Moving companies can trace their origin to the gold rush. Back then, individuals or groups traveled to populate the West, relying on moving companies to help transport their goods. Today, that industry has grown to encompass the entire United States…

Custom Caution Tape

Custom Caution Tape Saves Big Box Retailer during Black Friday Prep

July 06, 2022

Black Friday has long been a popular sales day for retail shopping. Occurring the day after Thanksgiving, this sales "holiday" is crucial for most retailers. However, it can be dangerous, with unpredictable surges of frantic shoppers that can catch unprepared…


Lumber Yards: The transition from buyers to stretch film suppliers

June 08, 2022

Lumber yards and hardware stores provide homeowners, remodeling professionals, and commercial contractors with building supplies and materials. To group orders and enable smooth transport, lumber yards commonly use stretch film to bundle lumber, fence rails, wood stakes, PVC pipes, wood…


Warehouse supplies and customer service go hand in hand

May 08, 2022

Warehouses depend on their supplies to maintain operations. Without something as crucial as stretch film, they could experience a significant disruption with intra-plant transport. As deadlines pile up, workers may feel tempted to avoid using pallet bands or shrink film,…


Pallet banding: sanstrap® offers a new solution to old problems

April 20, 2022

In today’s hectic environment, the movement of product in and out of inventory is accelerating at an unbelievable pace which can be linked to an increase in product damage in warehouses. Approximately 1% of product stock is damaged in warehouses…