Printed Pallet Wrap: Promoting Brands While Providing Protection

In today’s competitive market, companies need creative ways to stand out from other brands in the industry. One way to achieve this is through establishing a strong visual identity. Brands can package their products in ways that draw the eye, but may overlook the opportunity presented by products in storage or transit. They may protect
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Stretchtape Modernizes with a New Eight-Color Flexographic Press

For the past 40 years, Stretchtape has been building its reputation as the go-to specialist and supplier of converted polyethylene and polypropylene stretch films and related products for the packaging industry. Based in Cleveland, OH, the company has taken on the challenge of modernizing its manufacturing facility in response to its growing customer demands. In
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Custom Caution Tape

Custom Caution Tape Saves Big Box Retailer during Black Friday Prep

Black Friday has long been a popular sales day for retail shopping. Occurring the day after Thanksgiving, this sales “holiday” is crucial for most retailers. However, it can be dangerous, with unpredictable surges of frantic shoppers that can catch unprepared retailers off guard. A successful day can quickly turn into a retail disaster if stores
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