Barricade Tape

Stretchtape offers a number of barricade tapes for numerous industrial purposes. The water-resistant, durable tape creates quick entry barriers and can warn of danger or hazards. The tape is designed to resist tears and rips and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Stretchtape’s barricade tape also offers maximized visibility.

stretchtape-barricade-film-38Barricade tape can be customized including the design, colors, and text for specific needs. Bright red and yellow coloring quickly grabs the attention of any passersby and makes clear boundaries for dangerous or off-limit areas. The tape is also flexible, making tying the ends simple and quick to secure to any nearby fixtures. Removal is also just as easy. The heavy-duty tape is designed to withstand being nailed or stapled to secure it in place.

Stretchtape’s most popular stock prints include DANGER, DO NOT ENTER, and CAUTION. However, custom printing options are readily available.

Barricade tape can be used in work areas, utility industries, or other construction zones to warn of potential hazards.



  • Numerous color/design options
  • Moisture resistant


  • High visibility
  • Tear-resistant