Printed Poly Tubing

Stretchtape’s low-density polyethylene is custom made to the exact size, thickness & specifications given by you. U.S.-made poly tubing offered at competitive prices.

Poly tubing is an excellent choice for the packaging of products of varying lengths. Tubing is ideally used for the protection of items in the industrial and foodservice industries.

Manufactured to exact specifications to ensure even wall thickness and unrivaled clarity. Can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped shut to make nearly any size or length of polybag.

The continuous roll of polyethylene tubing is open at one end and rolled up at the other on a cardboard core. This allows the user to determine the length of the polybag or poly sleeve for each item. Just insert the product into tubing then cut it to the required length. It can be heat sealed both ends.

Draw on our unique capability as a narrow web printer. Showcase your logo, provide information or promote a target message. Custom sizes, gauges, and print options available. Whether you are looking for a specific size, a random repeat print, multicolor print, or process print, we have options for you.

Our printing experts and materials technicians work with customers to created stunning packaging, outstanding product performance and the best service in the industry.

• 100% low-density polyethylene
• Tubing is specially treated to allow for printing