Packaging Trends for 2024

The packaging industry is constantly changing, and warehouse operators must change with it. Sustainability, automation, safety, and customization will be significant trends this year, reducing labor-intensive activities for employees as they transition to a more conscientious way of working.

Read on for a deeper dive into the major packaging trends of 2024.

Packaging Trend 1: Sustainability

Did you know that 55% of consumer respondents in a McKinsey survey expressed concern about the environmental impact of product packaging? Offering sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and practices is vital to satisfying customers in 2024.

For the packaging industry, that means making important decisions. More operators will be choosing to use recycled hand film. Techniques and practices that reduce plastic usage will be implemented, such as ensuring proper tension of the stretch film and investing in pallet banding products like sanstrap.

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To achieve this, the film is pre-stretched to create memory in the material. As the film shrinks back to its original state, the memory causes elasticity that increases the wrap’s surface area while reducing the risk of loads shifting during transportation.

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Packaging Trend 2: Automation

The global market for pallet wrapping machines is anticipated to experience notable expansion. The growing need for packaging solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective is a crucial factor propelling the adoption of these machines.

Known for their efficiency and versatility, automatic wrapping machines are crafted to streamline packaging operations. As technology progresses, these machines evolve by integrating innovations like automation and enhanced energy efficiency.

For additional savings, warehouses should use ultra-strong machine-grade film that can stretch up to 200-300% of its original length. This type of film offers an increased resistance to tears, making it suitable for oddly shaped loads or packages with sharp edges.

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Packaging Trend 3: Safety

Despite the increasing prevalence of automation and technology, the human factor remains pivotal in warehouse operations. In 2024, there will be a sustained emphasis on training warehouse workers and prioritizing their safety and well-being to achieve effective warehouse management.

Those overseeing warehouse or fulfillment center operations are familiar with the fact that pallets are a primary source of injuries in their environments. The most severe injuries often result from heavy loads falling on workers, and improperly stacked or secured pallets can contribute to this type of accident.

Management will search for new, innovative, and affordable ways to reduce the risk of injuries.

Proper pallet banding is strongly encouraged to prevent items from shifting and falling during transport. However, many of these solutions introduce other challenges. Warehouses needing an efficient, safe, and affordable alternative should consider sanstrap. Ease of application immediately reduces labor costs and inefficiencies in securing pallets for intra-plant transfer.

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Packaging Trend 4: Customization

More companies will be putting their mark on products in 2024. We will see distributors and packaging companies offering customized solutions, allowing clients to brand products as they are transported across the country. This tactic increases visibility, brand recognition, and leads to more sales.

In sectors like construction and landscaping, where materials are transported on flatbed trucks and openly stored, products are already wrapped in stretch film. These companies create powerful marketing opportunities for these prominently displayed materials by incorporating customized printed wraps. Their marketing dollars are literally “stretched” by using printed stretch film.

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Lean on experts

As warehouses implement these packaging trends, it’s important to consult with packaging experts. Understand which type of film to use, how to best utilize machinery and new technology, and receive guidance on training for workers getting to grips with these innovations.

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