Printed Pallet Wrap: Promoting Brands While Providing Protection

In today’s competitive market, companies need creative ways to stand out from other brands in the industry.

One way to achieve this is through establishing a strong visual identity. Brands can package their products in ways that draw the eye, but may overlook the opportunity presented by products in storage or transit. They may protect their goods with pallet wrap, but miss the chance to promote products at the same time.

By using printed stretch film, companies can capitalize on this hidden marketing opportunity. Similar to traditional pallet wrap, printed pallet wrap allows companies to display logos and designs to bolster marketing efforts, all while protecting products during storage and transportation.


Why invest in printed pallet wrap?

As products are stored or transported in view of customers, printed pallet wrap allows companies to stand out from their competitors at all times. The key advantages of printed pallet wrap include:

  • Protection: Pallet wrap naturally protects products during transit or storage, helping maintain their original condition. By adding custom-printed designs to pallet wrap, companies can benefit from an additional layer of security as it will be easier to tell if the pallet has been tampered with.
  • Appearance: Custom-printed designs and logos can give products a more professional appearance, suggesting a level of care and attention to detail that sets goods apart from competitors.
  • Competition: Finding a competitive edge is key to succeeding in today’s saturated markets. With printed pallet wrap, customers can easily differentiate products from the competition.
  • Visibility: Functioning as a low-cost marketing tool, custom-printed pallet wrap helps promote brand awareness by showcasing logos and other designs in full view of customers at all times.


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Lower costs, increased visibility

In industries such as construction and landscaping, materials are transported on flatbed trucks or stored in open view. Products are typically wrapped in stretch film, and adding printed wrap only adds a strong marketing opportunity for these highly visible materials. By using printed stretch film, marketing dollars are literally “stretched”.

This strategy does not have to be costly, either. For those that can’t afford to make a big splash, they can still apply custom banding film over an already-wrapped pallet. This approach reduces the amount of materials required while still showcasing your brand/message.


Who should you choose?

Working with a knowledgeable printer of pallet wrap ensures a high level of quality and color matching that allows brands to maintain their integrity and stand out from competitors.

Companies should work with printers that use an 8-color press. Printing typically uses four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. An 8-color press supports this with 4 additional light colors. These additional colors enhance the overall quality and resolution of the printed wrap, producing images with vivid, crisp colors. Brands aiming for a high level of quality that sets them apart within their industry should consult with a knowledgeable printer using an 8-color press. The right partner will also offer both water and solvent-based inks, reducing the environmental footprint of the flexographic printing and packaging industry.

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