Pallet banding: sanstrap® offers a new solution to old problems

In today’s hectic environment, the movement of product in and out of inventory is accelerating at an unbelievable pace which can be linked to an increase in product damage in warehouses. Approximately 1% of product stock is damaged in warehouses per year. This may not sound like much, but on a global scale, that quickly equates to $50 billion lost every year. Loss by damage occurs for two main reasons: goods are improperly stored, or they’re mishandled when in transit. If you are experiencing damage and loss, pallet banding for internal transit may be the solution you need.

While completely removing the risk of damage is difficult, there are innovative and affordable ways to reduce that risk.

What’s stopping us?

When we look at the most popular pallet banding solutions, we’re inclined to agree. Warehouses today have several options. Unfortunately, while these solutions prevent items from shifting and falling during transport, many of them introduce new challenges.

Hand film/stretch film

Several inefficiencies occur when pallets are secured with stretch film by hand for intra-plant transport. Hand wrapping pallets is highly labor-intensive. The product’s manual application makes it possible to “over-secure” a pallet for intra-plant storage or movement, leading to excessive labor costs and product usage. Typically, workers cut off the stretch film by hand, and a machine reapplies it to prepare the pallet for shipping. As a result, hand wrapping the pallet wastes time and leads to an excessive amount of film being thrown away—an environmentally unfriendly choice.

Rubber banding

Stretching the flexible rubber banding material around packaged goods often requires two workers. For a disposable item, the material itself is too expensive. To lessen the cost burden, warehouses often intend to reuse the product. However, the rubber bands are frequently left in place when the pallet is wrapped with stretch film for shipping. As a result, reusability is much lower than managers anticipate when choosing this solution. When reusing bands, it’s hard to keep track of the number of times they’ve been used. Over time, the rubber becomes prone to ripping. Rubber band snapping is unpredictable and can lead to workplace accidents.

Tensilized polypropylene tape

Securing pallets with an adhesive like tape can damage boxes, artwork, labels, and barcodes. Additionally, the product is applied by hand and clings during the application, making it another labor-intensive option for warehouses. The manual application also leads to unpredictable and inconsistent spending on the product. For example, where one warehouse worker may wrap the tape around a pallet twice, another may wrap it three times or more to secure the same items.

The best of all worlds

Warehouses need an efficient, safe, and affordable alternative to solve issues commonly associated with pallet banding products.

sanstrap® is an impressive solution that can be applied rapidly–in nine seconds or less. Ease of application immediately creates a massive reduction in labor costs and inefficiencies in securing pallets for intra-plant transfer. The product itself is recyclable and can be less expensive than its alternatives. However, cost savings are found primarily in its reduction of labor costs.

Like stretch film, sanstrap is made from polyethylene. The bands are highly durable and stretchable. The material results in enormous tensile strength and elasticity. Additional benefits include:

– It doesn’t cling, so it’s easily moved up or down to secure pallets in any situation.
– No special handling is required, and it will not damage products.
– There is no adhesive, so it won’t remove barcodes or artwork on boxes.

For the best results, secure your product with corner boards and sanstrap. This solution is the easiest way to secure corner boards on a pallet.



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