Warehouse supplies and customer service go hand in hand

Warehouses depend on their supplies to maintain operations. Without something as crucial as stretch film, they could experience a significant disruption with intra-plant transport. As deadlines pile up, workers may feel tempted to avoid using pallet bands or shrink film, risking damaging products or causing injuries. Soon, a few missing warehouse supplies could snowball into a critical, costly disruption.

At Stretchtape, our job is to ensure our customers never face challenges like this. We’re about more than just selling stretch film products. We’re about making sure warehouses are operating efficiently and safely.


It starts with customer service

The Stretchtape team understands quality service begins with demonstrating respect for our customers and their experience. Exceptional customer service is one of the primary goals of supply chain management. Amid a global supply chain breakdown and delayed shipments, customer service is more important than ever. And by solving these problems, we show we can go above and beyond to deliver what our customers need.

We believe the time we invest in comprehending our customers’ critical requirements and business objectives contributes to their current and future success. By getting to know our customers’ businesses inside and out, we can identify and proactively address challenges before they happen. Our partnership should feel like an extension of your business and a means to solve your problems.


A human face

Customers who phone in to place orders or ask questions expect a speedy response. Automated customer service can result in frustration during calls, forgotten voicemails, and missing orders.

Instead, having a real person answering our phones allows us to transfer customers to the correct individual every time, ensuring we address their concerns and correctly process their orders. We work proactively and often find we are ahead of our customers. Our team is in constant contact, making sure customers have the critical warehouse supplies they need when they need them.


Going the extra mile

When clients forget to restock warehouse supplies, like stretch film or sanstrap®, they risk interrupting their entire shipping line. We know how important it is and ensure this never happens.

Our CEO, Harry McDonald, has been known to load up his car and drive to a customer facility so they would have the required products to continue production. At the eleventh hour, the Stetchtape team will find creative ways to ensure customers operate at standard capacity while they wait for a full shipment of supplies to arrive. When products aren’t available, Harry and the Stretchtape staff put together affordable, alternative solutions to do the job based on their vast knowledge of the product line.


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Your warehouse supplies, our product guarantees

When it comes to safety, quality is everything. We always guarantee the performance of our products to meet our customer expectations.

We understand our responsibility to customers is to provide superior warehouse supplies, economical solutions, and product protection/identification. Our team challenges themselves every day to meet those expectations.


What next?

Our clients know what they’re receiving when they order from Stretchtape. The shield in our logo means we’re here to protect your business. Our brand represents a guarantee of quality and customer service.

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