Lumber Yards: The transition from buyers to stretch film suppliers

Lumber yards and hardware stores provide homeowners, remodeling professionals, and commercial contractors with building supplies and materials. To group orders and enable smooth transport, lumber yards commonly use stretch film to bundle lumber, fence rails, wood stakes, PVC pipes, wood planking, multiple boxed items, and much more. In addition, they will often wrap delicate items, such as wood moldings and millwork, which require extra protection during handling and transport.

Read on to discover how lumber yards transitioned from stretch film buyers to stretch film suppliers and how our customers find success with private label packaging.


What kind of stretch films are lumber yards using?

Hand stretch film is recommended for protecting items such as moldings and millwork. It is popular because it does not “bite” into the wood or leave a residue. Hand stretch film is ideal for larger items such as cabinetry and doors, which must be tightly secured for contractor pick up and transportation. Additionally, it has excellent tear and puncture resistance, sticks only to itself, and poses no risk of damaging a product.

Extended core hand stretch film is used for grouping small shipment loads. It is ideal to have on hand when your staff and contractors need access to bundling materials at the same time because each roll has a built-in handle.

Lumber yards often sell wood scraps as firewood to make use of byproducts. In this case, banding film is a good choice since it allows lumber yards to bundle firewood while keeping it vented, reducing the possibility of trapping moisture in the wrap.


The move from buyer to supplier

Over time, big box lumber yards began noticing that their contractors were interested in stretch film and how it can protect building materials. These retailers began putting stretch film on the shelf for purchase, attracting contractors and homeowners alike. Today, stretch film continues to grow in popularity for sale in hardware stores.

This opportunity can benefit more than small to midsize lumber yards and hardware stores. Many of our distributors and their customers order private label from us and are becoming stretch film suppliers themselves.


Private label opportunities

With lumber yards understanding the need for stretch film and seeing a demand for it from contractors, private labeling quickly became a no-brainer. Our distributors and their customers can buy stretch film in bulk for resale or private label.

For Stretchtape, private labeling creates a win-win-win for all parties involved. We can provide our distributors with high-quality, American-made products that become essential goods for their customers. Our manufacturing process is also highly flexible, allowing our customers to make their stretch film unique. They can request the type of product, gauge, color, and size they wish to resell. Stretchtape can easily create and print custom labeling and packaging per customer specifications.


Case Study: National lumber company succeeds as a stretch film supplier

We recently saw the positive effects of stretch film private labeling with a distributor and their customer. The customer is an industry leader in building supplies, manufactured components, and services for contractors. The retailer has 250 stores nationwide.

When the customer initially purchased the stretch film from our distributor, they ordered 1,000 extended core hand stretch films to test on their shelves. Today, they are ordering nearly 30,000 rolls per month. The customer has achieved a massive increase in revenue and a positive experience at each stage of the process.


Eager to learn more?

Stretch film private labeling allows our customers to increase profits and compete with big box businesses. If you are a lumber yard, sawmill, or general retailer and are interested in learning more, get in touch with us today.

Reach out to one of our distributors to ask how you can become a stretch film supplier with our private label opportunities.


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