Considering Color in Stretch Film


At an average of 180,000 square feet, today’s warehouses are more than 40% larger than 20 years ago. This massive jump in size is crucial to operations, as warehouses are transporting goods at a higher rate than ever before, while also housing equipment, office space, people, and ensuring there’s enough room to prevent accidents.

With all this space, how can warehouse operators stay organized?

Organizing warehouses with colored stretch film

Warehouse operators concluded long ago that stretch film is the gold standard for wrapping pallets. It has anti-slip properties, stretches up to 300% its original length, is easy to apply, and the material is environmentally friendly. The right banding film also prevents damage to products by sticking to itself, not the item it’s wrapping—an important feature considering damage to stock costs the world approximately $50 billion every year.

However, stretch film can also serve other purposes, such as organization. At Stretchtape, we offer colored stretch film to organize and identify pallets and products. Colors come in black, white, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and red. It’s an ideal solution for warehouses that already need to secure pallets, allowing them to organize their products as they protect them.

Benefits of using colored stretch film in warehouses

By implementing colored stretch film, warehouse operators now have the opportunity to color-code their pallets in a variety of ways. They could organize them by date, product type, shipping location, or even use a color as a unique branding opportunity for the product.

Warehouse operators don’t need to rely on any additional labeling products, meaning they can save time, money, and energy. Colored stretch film is also extremely visible, making intentional or unintentional damage more readily identifiable while providing an element of privacy to the pallet’s contents. It’s an efficient packaging solution that’s strong enough to secure heavy loads and deters product tampering.

Denoting by color

To get the most out of colored stretch film, employees should be educated on what each color means. When each definition becomes second nature, colored stretch film can drastically speed up pallet identification.

Each warehouse will have a different color scheme, but common definitions that we see include:

  • Black: Requiring a higher level of security or theft prevention.
  • Blue: Pallets for customers or specific products.
  • Green: Eco-friendly products or materials.
  • Red: Hazardous materials that require special handling.
  • Yellow: Caution or warning.
  • Orange: Urgent products that should be prioritized.
  • White: Products that will be stored for longer periods of time.

Is colored stretch film right for you?

There are a few considerations for warehouse operators to keep in mind before deciding to purchase colored stretch film. The choice between opaque and translucent stretch film depends on the specific needs of the product being packaged. If you need to conceal the contents of the package and require a higher level of protection, then opaque stretch film may be the best choice. However, if visibility is not an issue and cost is a concern, translucent stretch film may be a more suitable option.

If it’s crucial that the product is visible during transportation, then clear film is better suited. However, you can simply color code your product by wrapping a strip of colored banding stretch film around the pallet or applying a colored sanstrap pallet band.

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Having an effective color scheme that meets your requirements will save warehouse operators time, money, and stress.

At Stretchtape we offer colored stretch film in widths of 2? hand film through 20? machine-grade stretch film. Custom sizes and gauges are also available upon request, and we sell colored film at low MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) to satisfy the needs of small to medium sized warehouses. Buy in bulk, by a certain number of cases, or even as rolls.

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