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Moving companies generate revenue as stretch film suppliers

Moving companies can trace their origin to the gold rush. Back then, individuals or groups traveled to populate the West, relying on moving companies to help transport their goods. Today, that industry has grown to encompass the entire United States of America, generating around $85.7 billion in output annually.

However, moving furniture is not the only service these companies offer. Moving companies are also deeply entrenched in selling moving supplies such as stretch film. It’s another significant revenue stream that sprung up after the gold rush, with companies acting as stretch film suppliers for a captive, niche audience.

How has stretch film gained popularity in the market?

Creating value for customers is key for moving companies. These businesses have expanded to provide stretch wrap, heavy-duty boxes, moving blankets, and furniture pads—all products to help safely transport housewares.

For example, stretch film and extended core stretch film are used to:

  • Bind loose items such as silverware.
  • Secure doors and shelves on large furniture items.
  • Protect goods from dirt and debris during moves.
  • Hold furniture pads covering delicate furniture pieces or glassware.

Over time, these stretch film products have gone mainstream; moving supplies gained widespread popularity, and today we see them sold in large brick-and-mortar stores for Do-It-Yourself-ers.

Taking on the big box stores

As the popularity of moving supplies grew, companies took note of the potential of this developing revenue stream.

These businesses brand supply items with their own labels to improve brand recognition and develop word-of-mouth awareness. They sell their supplies online and offer bundled packing kits that included stretch wrap.

How can stretch film suppliers benefit?

In this lucrative market, there are opportunities available for stretch film suppliers to improve their product offerings. For instance, Stretchtape offers distributors white labeling marketing opportunities—rebranding products to the suppliers’ specifications.

This practice allows moving companies of all sizes to capitalize on the revenue earned from selling products like stretch film under their own brand name. They can price the product based on their niche market while ensuring brand recognition.

Case Study: How does this look in practice?

Moving companies of any size have more options to increase their revenue. For instance, one of our distributors recently began working with a mid-size moving company.

Our distributor’s customer was looking for an initial order starting at one thousand rolls per month. We provided one- and two-sided extended core film with the moving company’s branding front and center. The first order proved to be hugely successful, and today the moving company is selling closer to 30,000 rolls per month.

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