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Packaging manufacturers must flex for their distributors

Stretchtape is in the relationship business. We may manufacture stretch film products, but the manufacturer-distributor relationship is the true heart of how we operate. That relationship is symbiotic by nature; without distributors, manufacturers struggle to get their products to customers, while without manufacturers, distributors have nothing to sell. We need each other.

That’s why close relationships between buyers and suppliers create significant value. With a focus on innovation, we can boost revenues and profits for both parties. We also learn more about each other’s capabilities, gain an understanding of our different business needs, and build trust in the commitments we make. In the end, packaging manufacturers and distributors only benefit by working together.

How packaging manufacturers can create trust

Partnerships require dependability, reliability, and a giant leap of faith. We must believe in each other’s welfare and that neither will act without considering the action’s impact on the other.

Many manufacturers today have decided to cut out the middleman and go direct, swallowing up considerable market share. The actions of these parties naturally create tension for all manufacturer-distributor relationships. Business is already stressful enough when there isn’t a mutually exclusive relationship, let alone watching out for those who wish to undercut each other.

At Stretchtape, we understand our role in the relationship and believe there is much more to gain when we work together, share information, and invest in understanding each other’s business.

By working together, we provide significant value to customers.

Being strategic

A strategic relationship requires closer collaboration between packaging manufacturers and distributors. The distributor is the expert on the customer, while we–as the manufacturer–are the expert on designing, developing, and producing the product.

As a manufacturer, we want our distributors to know our products well and sell the products with confidence in the way the product will perform. In comparison, our distributors rely on us to react to market changes and to create new, innovative, and exciting products or designs. They may pass on customer feedback, suggest possible product improvements, and identify demand in the market. As the manufacturer, we must figure out how to implement this feedback and improve the product or create new solutions for the betterment of both sides.

We grow, expand into new markets, and meet shared goals by working together.


Half the battle is simply remembering the golden rule – we treat others how we want to be treated. From there, we strive to be prepared and knowledgeable. We fully know our product line and are consistent in our deliverables. Creating a foundation for solid communication makes our work more manageable and measurable.


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How Stretchtape flexes for distributors

There are many ways in which packaging manufacturers can create value in their strategic relationships, but here are three tried and tested ways we go the extra mile:

  • Put-Ups: Distributors and their clients have a variety of needs for the final packaging configuration (known as the Put-Up), and they may have standards for how many “cuts” are needed per roll or box. By being flexible, packaging manufacturers enable distributors to determine factors such as the quantity of feet per roll, rolls to a box, or outside diameters such as maximizing the amount of film loaded onto stretch wrap machines. One way we provide this is through our stretch film converting machines, which allow us to convert our master rolls to any size desired.
  • Custom Cores: The core is the cardboard on the inside of the roll or stretch film. We ensure distributors can request core dimensions as needed. These dimensions can include diameter and length, such as customizing any size up to 60”, with PVC cores available as well. As a note, the only limiting factor is the inside diameter of the core, where we offer: 1”, 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, 2”, 3”, and 6”.
  • Distributor Labeling: By offering Distributor Labeling on master cases, clients can easily identify the source of a product. With reorders crucial for distributors, offering custom labels that drive reordering is a massive benefit. Our labels are placed on two sides of our boxes, so clients know who to contact for reordering by having all the information they need at their fingertips. Labeling information includes:
    • Distributor Logo
    • Contact information
    • Product Description
    • Case Quantity
    • Distributor SKU

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